I had to leave the conference after the first half of the day so that I can get some stuff done at work and some work on the book.

David Pogue's keynote was excellent. He knows the Mac, Apple history, and is very funny. I highly recommend seeing him speak if you get the chance.

Tim O'Reilly's keynote was disappointing for me. If you've been paying attention to what Tim's been saying in the last year, you didn't miss anything. A lot of it has come up in his weblog and in his other presentations. He also ended up going over the alloted time and had to really cut himself short. I never really seen that happen to him before.

I attended a presentation called Automating Mac OS X by Matt Neuburg of TidBITS. It was interesting at a high level. I never realized how AppleScript and Apple Events work and what they're really capable of. He showed a bit of Real Basic and Cocoa as well as some Perl, Python, and Ruby--all on OS X, of course. It's interesting to see how many applications are "externally scriptable" on OS X and how easy it is.

He even had a demo that involved using Manila to build an on-line photo gallery. Neat stuff.

That's it for now. Sorry I can't cover more of today.

I'll be headed back tomorrow to listen to Jordan Hubbard's morning keynote about OS X and Unix. I'll also cover James Gosling's afternoon keynote on OS X and Java. An Apple exec was very happy to tell me (several months ago) that Gosling now uses OS X on his desktop and that Java is great.

I haven't completely decide which other sessions I'm going to hit, but I'm hoping to nail at least two of them. We'll see.

Posted by jzawodn at October 01, 2002 01:29 PM

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