I noticed an entry in Derek's blog about having installed IMP and being really happy with it. I'd like to take a moment to mention that IMP is one of the two great web-based mail systems available on Linux. The other is SquirrelMail, which I have running on my Debian box. It's just as easy to install and has a nice interface. If you're in the market for one of these, check them both out.

Expect a discussion of these in Linux Magazine later this year.

Posted by jzawodn at July 09, 2002 11:34 PM

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# gneale said:

Having used both IMP and Squirrelmail, I have to comment on how much better Squrrelmail is.

Both are very nice, but Squirrelmail is the one with a more friendly installation, configuration and user interface. Also, It will soon be included with the Red Hat distribution as an RPM. Red Hat has commented on it's very easily upgradability calling it very Red Hat like. So for an admin to keep the most current version is easy.

That is much more than I can say for IMP which has historically required outdated support programs; like PHP3. Also, IMP requires Horde as it's basic understructure, thereby multiplying the complexity of keeping up to date. With IMP I felt like the whole server was trapped into the requirements of my dusty old IMP.

Squirrelmail freed me of that garbage.

Regardless, both programs give you a killer application for your Linux server...webmail. Both are so good that they function just like Yahoo! mail and/or Hotmail. But without any of their annoying ads.

on July 10, 2002 02:23 PM
# Ask Bjoern Hansen said:

you guys need to enable "track back" in MovableType. :-)

on July 11, 2002 03:23 AM
# Frank Feingold said:

I'd have to agree that Squirrel Mail is a very nice piece of software. It's very easy to install and configure. I've installed on on many sites and the people using it are always happy.

One of the nicest features is that you don't have to have IMAP compiled into PHP. Having an IMAP server seems to be very common, but having it compiled into PHP seems to be less common.

on July 12, 2002 07:50 AM
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