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Jeremy's Kodak DC210 Camera

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bytes)All of the pictures in my Picture Gallery were taken with my DC210 camera.

Visit Kodak's DC210 website.

See the end of this page for links to pages produced by other folks who own DC210s and have decided to make some of their pictures available.

My Experiences

So far I'm very pleased with the camera. I have the AC adapter that I use when transferring pictures to my PC via the serial cable. I also have 2 4MB flash cards that I used to store pictures. I take virtually all my pictures at the highest possible size and quality settings, which gives me about 13 per flash card.

I tend to do all my manipulation using Paint Shop Pro 5. When posting pictures on-line (as in my Photo Gallery), I generally reduce them to 640x480 (or on rare occasions 800x600) for somewhat full-screen viewing. I typically reduce further to 320x200 (or smaller) to use them as "thumbnails" on pages which contain links to the larger images. Of course, the thumbnails turn out to be quite viewable themselves on most displays.

To date, I've taken roughly 1,100 pictures and have put most of them on-line. About the only cosmetic change I make to my pictures is to brighten a few of those that were taken under very low light conditions.

I get roughly 100 pictures for each set of batteries. I attribute that mostly to the fact that I rarely use the built-in LCD for previewing photos.

The Software

I've finally begun using Linux software instead of the Windoze stuff that Kodak ships with ths camera. Now I don't have to boot into Windoze just to download pictures.

I'll put a link to the software as soon as I find it again.

Other People's DC210 Sites

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