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Saturday - June 22, 2002

I haven't said anything here for a while because I've been rathe busy. What else is new, right?

Anyhoo, this will probably be my last entry here. I've begun using Movable Type (MT) to manage a more modern weblog (or "blog"). If it goes well, I'll likely try and import all of this old material at some point. But that'll be a fair amount of work, so I'm not going to do it until I'm convinced that MT rocks. So far it's going well.

Check it out for yourself.

Sunday - June 16, 2002

Hey, I've got a real weblog now. In case that seems a little strange, given that I've bee writing stuff here for a few years now, let me briefly explain. I'm going to continue writing about the odd things that happen in my life and the random crap that comes to mind now and then. I'll do that here. That other weblog is for stuff I think other folks might actually care about.

More work on chapter 11 for the book. I've been cutting a fair amount of material. What was 22 pages is probably going to be 15 or so. I've managed to greatly simplify things in the process. I just wish it didn't take so darn long.

Thursday - June 13, 2002

Damned notebook keyboard. Grr.

Wednesday - June 12, 2002

So much to do, so little time. Lunch today with Craig Hughes in Palo Alto (Hunan Garden, yum). Then a visit to the root canal guy for a checkup. Then lots of mail, power point, and random shit.

Tuesday - June 11, 2002

Spent a lot of time with PowerPoint. And I got to be Ray's nurse and gopher for a bit.

Monday - June 10, 2002

Spent a lot of time with PowerPoint. And I got to be Ray's nurse and gopher for a bit.

Sunday - June 09, 2002

One of my cats (Noble) decided to try an attack a cat outside today. It's not the first time he's done it. But it was the first time he was able to knock the screen out of the window. He seemed rather surprised by this. Upon coming face to face with the other cat, he wasn't quite sure what to do other than meow and howl loudly.

I had to go outside and retrive him. Then I had to punish him while I put the screen back in the window. Grr. He really pissed me off. I wish he was more like his brother (i.e., less stupid).

Saturday - June 08, 2002

Lots of working on the book.

Brief walk to the store to get some exercise and sunlight, but some fruit and deposit a few checks.

Hey, look! It's a picture of me OSCON 2001. How amusing.

Friday - June 07, 2002

I got to be an asshole at work today.

Oh, the the elevators in our 1.5 year old building were down for reapir today. How sad is that?

The weather is back to normal. Nice and cool and night, nice and warm during the day.

Thursday - June 06, 2002

Busy day of hacking on DBIx::DWIW at work.

Wednesday - June 05, 2002

Work was a bit odd today. Mostly because of the NBA Rhythm and Rims (or whatever it's called) festival-like thing that was going on most of the day. I was supposed to be flying to Seattle today, but that got postponed. So I popped on the headphones and managed to be relatively productive.

I skipped lunch so that I'd have room for dinner. Some of the Y! Finance gang took me out for dinner at the Fish Market. It was good food and good entertainment.

After coming home, I got the scoop on how the Microsoft thing just got more interesting. Things are never simple with that company.

Tuesday - June 04, 2002

Birthday. I'm older today.

Damn nice weather. I love the valley during late Spring and early Summer.

To work a bit late because of having been up late. A few books from my weekend Amazon once-click fit have begun to arrive. Lots of funny stuff by David Sedaris. Lots of confusion over firewall holes for database servers.

Called the bank to get payoff info so that I could send a final check for my car loan. That's my birthday present to myself--being debt-free.

Perl Mongers meeting after work. I gave my talk and it was well received.

It looks like the Microsoft trip will be postponed until next week. That's good, 'cause folks are already grabbing bits of my time for tomorrow.

Janet called today.

Got home around around 10 and had a few amusing messages on my machine. I was all set to get some work done when I made the mistake of checking my TiVo. I haven't done so in about 5 days, but it had captured parts 1 and 2 of the "Endgame" episode of Star Trek Voyager. Gotta watch it, or at least have it as background noise.

Monday - June 03, 2002

Went to work and got busy. Then headed over to Adam's place so that we could go up to San Francisco for the Linux Magazine dinner (which turned out to be a "Happy Birthday Martin & Jeremy" dinner. Woohoo!

We drove Adam's brand new Mustang convertible. Top down all the way up 101 and 280. Nice ride. Got to see the Linux Mag office and meet Charlie and Martin finally.

Went to dinner near Pac Bell Park. Good food and wine. Very good. The place was called MoMo's, I think.

Had a paperwork mishap that involved me staying up to 3am and on the phone with Adam to work out stuff for the Microsoft trip.

Sunday - June 02, 2002

Got my question posted to Slashdot so that we have a better perspective on this week's Microsoft discussion.

Worked to revise my presentation for the Silicon Valley Perl Mongers meeting in a few days. Also took some time to bring my MySQL page a bit more up-to-date.

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