Jeremy's Journal (2002)

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Saturday - June 22, 2002

I haven't said anything here for a while because I've been rathe busy. What else is new, right?

Anyhoo, this will probably be my last entry here. I've begun using Movable Type (MT) to manage a more modern weblog (or "blog"). If it goes well, I'll likely try and import all of this old material at some point. But that'll be a fair amount of work, so I'm not going to do it until I'm convinced that MT rocks. So far it's going well.

Check it out for yourself.

Sunday - June 16, 2002

Hey, I've got a real weblog now. In case that seems a little strange, given that I've bee writing stuff here for a few years now, let me briefly explain. I'm going to continue writing about the odd things that happen in my life and the random crap that comes to mind now and then. I'll do that here. That other weblog is for stuff I think other folks might actually care about.

More work on chapter 11 for the book. I've been cutting a fair amount of material. What was 22 pages is probably going to be 15 or so. I've managed to greatly simplify things in the process. I just wish it didn't take so darn long.

Thursday - June 13, 2002

Damned notebook keyboard. Grr.

Wednesday - June 12, 2002

So much to do, so little time. Lunch today with Craig Hughes in Palo Alto (Hunan Garden, yum). Then a visit to the root canal guy for a checkup. Then lots of mail, power point, and random shit.

Tuesday - June 11, 2002

Spent a lot of time with PowerPoint. And I got to be Ray's nurse and gopher for a bit.

Monday - June 10, 2002

Spent a lot of time with PowerPoint. And I got to be Ray's nurse and gopher for a bit.

Sunday - June 09, 2002

One of my cats (Noble) decided to try an attack a cat outside today. It's not the first time he's done it. But it was the first time he was able to knock the screen out of the window. He seemed rather surprised by this. Upon coming face to face with the other cat, he wasn't quite sure what to do other than meow and howl loudly.

I had to go outside and retrive him. Then I had to punish him while I put the screen back in the window. Grr. He really pissed me off. I wish he was more like his brother (i.e., less stupid).

Saturday - June 08, 2002

Lots of working on the book.

Brief walk to the store to get some exercise and sunlight, but some fruit and deposit a few checks.

Hey, look! It's a picture of me OSCON 2001. How amusing.

Friday - June 07, 2002

I got to be an asshole at work today.

Oh, the the elevators in our 1.5 year old building were down for reapir today. How sad is that?

The weather is back to normal. Nice and cool and night, nice and warm during the day.

Thursday - June 06, 2002

Busy day of hacking on DBIx::DWIW at work.

Wednesday - June 05, 2002

Work was a bit odd today. Mostly because of the NBA Rhythm and Rims (or whatever it's called) festival-like thing that was going on most of the day. I was supposed to be flying to Seattle today, but that got postponed. So I popped on the headphones and managed to be relatively productive.

I skipped lunch so that I'd have room for dinner. Some of the Y! Finance gang took me out for dinner at the Fish Market. It was good food and good entertainment.

After coming home, I got the scoop on how the Microsoft thing just got more interesting. Things are never simple with that company.

Tuesday - June 04, 2002

Birthday. I'm older today.

Damn nice weather. I love the valley during late Spring and early Summer.

To work a bit late because of having been up late. A few books from my weekend Amazon once-click fit have begun to arrive. Lots of funny stuff by David Sedaris. Lots of confusion over firewall holes for database servers.

Called the bank to get payoff info so that I could send a final check for my car loan. That's my birthday present to myself--being debt-free.

Perl Mongers meeting after work. I gave my talk and it was well received.

It looks like the Microsoft trip will be postponed until next week. That's good, 'cause folks are already grabbing bits of my time for tomorrow.

Janet called today.

Got home around around 10 and had a few amusing messages on my machine. I was all set to get some work done when I made the mistake of checking my TiVo. I haven't done so in about 5 days, but it had captured parts 1 and 2 of the "Endgame" episode of Star Trek Voyager. Gotta watch it, or at least have it as background noise.

Monday - June 03, 2002

Went to work and got busy. Then headed over to Adam's place so that we could go up to San Francisco for the Linux Magazine dinner (which turned out to be a "Happy Birthday Martin & Jeremy" dinner. Woohoo!

We drove Adam's brand new Mustang convertible. Top down all the way up 101 and 280. Nice ride. Got to see the Linux Mag office and meet Charlie and Martin finally.

Went to dinner near Pac Bell Park. Good food and wine. Very good. The place was called MoMo's, I think.

Had a paperwork mishap that involved me staying up to 3am and on the phone with Adam to work out stuff for the Microsoft trip.

Sunday - June 02, 2002

Got my question posted to Slashdot so that we have a better perspective on this week's Microsoft discussion.

Worked to revise my presentation for the Silicon Valley Perl Mongers meeting in a few days. Also took some time to bring my MySQL page a bit more up-to-date.

Saturday - June 01, 2002

Saw Undercover Brother early in the day. It was fairly amusing but not quite what I had hoped for.

Friday - May 31, 2002

I may be visiting Microsoft next week. We'll see. Need to revise the Evil Plan, I guess. How long does it take to get a clone army when you need one in a hurry?

Discoverd the joy of isync today. It totally rocks. Ahh. someone else has figured it out too.

Thursday - May 30, 2002

Biked to work in the morning. It was already quite warm. A nice ride.

Read and replied to an assload (that's a lot) of e-mail today. Damn.

Wednesday - May 29, 2002

The InnoDB/MySQL problem may or may not be fixed. I got a patch that seems reasonable, so we'll see.

Meeting and then lunch at Banana Leaf. Mmm.

To bed early. Gonna bike to work on Thursday (and Friday, I hope).

Was just reminded that I'm to speak at next week. Uh oh.

Tuesday - May 28, 2002

A bumpy day wtih an apparent InnoDB bug at work. Lots of restarts and related "fun".

Found a good interview with Larry McVoy on KernelTrap.

Monday - May 27, 2002

Finally got around to making my reservations for the 2002 Open Source Convention (yes, I'm presenting again this year--3 talks!).

Today is another day of random crap, since there's no work. Yeay for government holidays.

Took some allergy medicine. It made me sleep for a few hours. Worked on MySQL upgrades and builds after that.

Sunday - May 26, 2002

Lots of random stuff today (SpamAssassin, Razor, etc..)

Remembered at the last minute that tomorrow is a holiday and I should stay home from work. That means I can take a long bike ride in the morning and maybe try out the rice cooker later in the day.

Saturday - May 25, 2002

Cashed my IRS refund check today.

Did a lot of laundry and contemplated seeing Star Wars tonight.

Listened to the last 2 weeks worth of Brandt's radio show.

Had a Trader Joe's rice bowl for dinner, which Noble cleaned up for me. Then headed to Trader Joe's for food--it's best not to go while hungry.

Spent a bit of time looking at virus scanning software that I can pulg into the mail delivery setup at WCNet. What I've found so far is detailed here.

Friday - May 24, 2002

Today was Josh's last day at Yahoo.

Tuesday - May 21, 2002

Back to work today to fix broken stuff. A fair amount of it.

Monday - May 20, 2002

Slept in, partly as an attempt to get back on west coast time. Checked a bit of e-mail and marveled at the fact that the stock market was open and that it was a Monday. It felt like a Sunday (again). Mom made waffles for breakfast. Yum!

I got on-line and enrolled in the American Airlines Frequent Flyer program (AA Advantage or something like that).

Dad worked on trying to re-install Win98 on his laptop for most of the morning and afternoon. I have no idea how he managed to fundamentally break a Windows installation every few months. And then it takes him several days to reinstall and reconfigure everything. Along the way he acts like he's never done it before and managed to ask many of the same questions he did the last time it happened.

Headed to Toledo Express airport for my flight to Chicago and on to San Jose. The airport, as usual, was NOT busy at all.

Had a 2.5 hour lay-over in Chicago, so I got a bagel sandwich and began writing an article for Linux Magazine about IBM's Robocode. It's cool stuff.

The flight back was good. I manged to snag an exit row seat with laptop power. Got caught up on a lot of stuff.

The cats were glad to see me. And I'm glad to be back.

Sunday - May 19, 2002

Got up relatively early again so that we could head to the northeastern part of Ohio to visit April & Brian at their new house (which I hadn't yet see in person). They live in Huntsburg, Ohio (which, as Mom points out, sounds a little better than Footville (where they moved from)).

The weather was a bit nicer. Alternating clouds and sun, though it was still quite cold for this time of year. It's a good thing I brought jeans and several warm shirts.

Here are the pictures from April & Brian's place.

After leaving their place, we all went to Beachwood for a nice (big) dinner at Carvers.

On the ride back, I re-worked the software that manages my on-line journal (which you are reading) a bit. There's now a spiffy little navigation aid at the top and bottom of each page. It allows you to see all the entries, entries by year, or just the 14 most recent.

Saturday - May 18, 2002

Got up and dressed and headed to Steph & Adam's wedding and reception and stuff. Here are the pictures I took from the event. The most amusing part of the ceremony was when Adam became a bit confused during the vows. While the details are a bit fuzzy in my head now, it went something like this...

There was a part of the vows when they were supposed to say something like: "and the gifts of my mind, soul, and hands." However, when I heard the minister say "hands," I heard "pants," which is terribly amusing. Adam also wasn't quite sure what she said (later we found out that he was expecting her to say "body") and just blurted out "What?!", which cause everyone to laugh pretty hard.

Well, you probably had to be there, but at least I'll remember this a few years from now when I'm reading over it. Heh. :-)

After the wedding, we went back to Aaron & Kristin's so that I could torment the dog one last time, pack up, and head back to Toledo. The weather for the drive home was crappy. Lots of clouds and random pockets of rain.

Upon arriving home, I learned that Kitty (our family cat of roughly 14 years) had died the day before. She was put to sleep after a several month battle with asthma. :-( I'll have to see if I can dig up any pictures of Kitty. I know I have some somewhere.

Friday - May 17, 2002

Got up and messed around on the computer. Then went to Bev's Cat Boutique to get some new toys for the cats. I managed to drop over $50 on toys without trying very hard. I guess I'm not the only one who have expensive taste in toys.

Drove down to Aaron & Kristin's place just north of Columbus, Ohio. The ride down was a bit slow because of all the trucks on the road.

Got there around 4:15pm to the excitement of Unix (their little dog). I had my laser pointer with me and that means hours of entertainment for both of us. That little dog is insane.

After a bit of chatter and dot chasing, Aaron and I headed over to what is now called Buffalo Wild Wings. But we still like to refer to it as BW3. Had some good food and good times. Everyone I expected to see was there.

Once we'd had our fill of food and drink, we all headed to the Scacky house (Scott and Kathy, for those of you playing along at home). There we managed to remember some incredibly funny shit that happened several years ago. But more importantly, we devised the worst invention ever: transparent diapers. While to have the benifit that you can visually detect that he baby needs to be changed, you also have the unique opportunity to witness the transition from "doesn't need to be changed" to "needs to be changed." Nobody was too fond of that idea.

Don't ask how that came up. Really.

The baby discussion finally provided a segway to Janet & Sean to announce that they're expecting a baby. Kathy and I had known about this for several weeks but couldn't say a thing until they told the rest of the group. It was mildly entertaining to see Kathy get annoyed as the night wore on and Janet hadn't yet said anything.

While at the house we had some of the wine that I brought from California. (Thanks to the folks at MySQL AB's PR agency for that!)

We also decided that Mel and I have to go to South Carolina to visit Mike & Anne sometime maybe later this year.

At about 11pm or Aaron and I headed back to his place to torment the dog one last time and go to bed. We had an early wedding to attend the next day.

Thursday - May 16, 2002

Flew back to Ohio today for Steph & Adam's wedding. I must say that American Airlines is now my favorite airline. Not only do they have that extra leg room in coach, they have laptop power available at most of the seats on the larger flights. The 757 that I'm on right now has 'em all over the place. My battery drained, so I just plugged in and kept on working.

If that's not enough, I didn't even have to use my aircraft style power adaptor. I'm just using the standard automobile cigarette lighter plug. Aside from first class or a private jet, this is the only way to fly. :-)

Oh, the other thing that surprised me is that San Jose airport is back to normal. The wait to get thru security was less than five minutes. I was bit worried when I was leaving my apartment at 6:30am for a 8:00am flight (it's a 15 minute drive to SJC). But I was able to do curb-side check-in and get thru security with no major delays. That's great, 'cause I had to get up at 4:45am as it was. And, if you know me, you know how unnatural that is!

The flight from SJC to Chicago (ORD) was pretty good except for some turbulence a bit before Chicago. We were racing a line of thunderstorms (you forget what those are, living in California) but it wasn't too bad.

Tuesday - May 14, 2002

I met Steve Jobs today and several VPs at Apple. Why? Because they were unveiling their new rack-mounted Xserve servers at a media event. Anyway, here are the pictures I took. I don't care what others say, but I think they should have called it the iRack.

Thursday - May 09, 2002

Ray did a bad thing.

Wednesday - May 08, 2002

Get all productive and stuff at work today. I was impressed with me. :-)

Tuesday - May 07, 2002

Worked from home today (again). Went to the dentist around 3pm to get my suddenly sensitive tooth diagnosed. Last time I waited on this sort of thing, I waited too long and had 2 root canals as a result.

The problem is very minor and will be cured without any special equipment--unless it gets worse, of course.

I think I'll actually go to work tomorrow. That'll be odd. Whenever I work from home on a Monday (or, in this case, Monday and Tuesday), I lose all sense of what day it is when I'm at work. I'm sure it's quite amusing (or annoying) to my poor coworkers.

I'm going to visit Apple on Tuesday the 14th to see the new rack-mount servers they've announced. I wonder if they'll let me have one for a while so that I can rack it and review it for the magazine just like I did with the TiBook. That would be most excellent.

Monday - May 06, 2002

Got chapter 12 to folks for initial review today. Whew.

Sunday - May 05, 2002

Don't ever write a book. It will expand to fill all your available time, and then it'll keep going. Really.

Monday - April 22, 2002

Well, today was rather amusing on multiple counts.

First off, the weather finally seems to have stabliized, so I decided it's time to try biking to work along my new route (just under 10 miles, but much nicer than the old way). As I was getting ready to leave, my cell phone rang. I answered it to find that it was a guy from London calling to ask me a MySQL question.

After I answered his question, he explained that his ISP or hosting company was rather clueless and that he wanted to talk with an expert. So he went to Google and typed in MySQL expert only to find that my name was the first item that appeared. That came as a bit of a surprise to me, but it's rather cool. :-)

Then, later that day, someone gave me a link to a picture that amused the hell out of me. Why? Because when I saw it all I could think of was a golf porn flick. I figured it would go something like this:

[ music plays in the backgroun...]
Female Golfer: "Wow, it's really hot out here. I wonder if I've still got that ice scupled dildo in the freezer... Ahhhh, here it is! Let's have some fun..."

Or something to that effect. Anyway, here's the picture. Judge for yourself.

Like I said, it amused me.

Sunday - April 07, 2002

My clocks all conspired to trick me today.

Got up late and messed around with stuff. Was up late last night working on book stuff (surprise, surprise). Eventually went to the House of Orient to get some pineapple chicken for lunch/dinner. Got a nasty headache and ended up going to bed early.

Friday - April 05, 2002

Got up late today.

On the way to work, I heard about a bunch of upcoming concerts at The Mountain Winery this summer. So I checked out the list to confirm what I thought I heard. Meatloaf is coming on July 5th, so I got a ticket via (yuck!). I've wanted to see Meatloaf in concert for sooo long. Woohoo!

Thursday - April 04, 2002

Got up early to visit the Apple Campus with Jeff Okamoto from Linux Magazine. We got to meet with a couple of Apple's folks to discuss OS X and related stuff.

I was up really late last night (and again this night) playing with the PowerBook G4 Titanium (TiBook, as I call it). This thing totally rocks.

As I left the apartment I noticed a large truck in the street. As I got closer I realized that it was a fire engine and that I smelled natural gas--lots of it. There was a leak across the street, and two PG&E trucks had blocked off both ends of my street. I arrived at Apple a few minutes late because of that.

The conference room we were in had one of the new Apple Cinema Displays along the wall. Damn, that is one fine monitor. Really, really nice!

Went to work and got random stuff done. Was getting ready to home when I had the opportunity to witness an impressive brute-force password guessing attack against a friend's web site. That was fun.

Went to Denny's at around 10pm with Ray and Mark. Had some apple pie (might as well finish the day with some apple). Came back to work to find a bug in my server graphing code. Went home just before midnight.

Wrote the TiBook review for Linux Magazine. Gave it 4.5 out of 5.0. It was so close to a perfect score. I really don't wanna give it back.

Finally went to bed around 4am.

Wednesday - April 03, 2002

Played with the TiBook that Apple has loaned me via Linux Magazine. It totally rocks. There's a lot of really cool Open Source stuff going on around OSX, Darwin, Fink, XonX, and so on. I'm really, really impressed.

Looking forward to the meeting with Apple tomorrow!

Sunday - March 31, 2002

A lot of wasted time fucking with computers this weekend. I'm not too happy about it.

I've decided to sell off billg, my 21" monitor, and an old computer. I don't really need 'em.

Got 2.4.18 built on my notebook. Got USB working right, so my optical mouse is all strapped on now. Upgraded to XFree86 4 along the way.

Saturday - March 30, 2002

Jeffrey helped me setup his cool book building system. Yeay!

Stayed up really late, which is bound to mess up the sleep schedule for a few days.

Friday - March 29, 2002

Back to the office today. Didn't get a lot done, due to a few things breaking, random meetings, e-mail, and a baby shower. Yikes.

Sent back markup from reading the latest (almost final) draft of Managing & Using MySQL, 2nd edition to O'Reilly. It is coming along well.

Wednesday - March 27, 2002

I realized two things today:

  1. Frozen veggies (like peas) taste FAR BETTER than their canned counterparts.
  2. My 1998 Acura finally rolled over 20,000 miles. I guess I just don't drive as much as I used to.

Feeling better today. Only a little sore.

Happy Birthday, Mom! (as if she reads this).

Tuesday - March 26, 2002

I keep waking up early--probably because my body is sore from being in the same position for so long. But still, waking up at 5:00am without an alarm clock is a little spooky. Hopefully that stops in a day or so.

Monday - March 25, 2002

I finished reading Peopleware yesterday. It was well worth my time. Now I need to make sure that some folks at work read it too. :-)

I was finally able to shower today, and boy did it feel good.

The shoulder pain has returned. It's very occasional but annoying. Kaiser called a bit ago to check up on me.

Wearing loose jeans is only a little less comfortable than sweatpants.

Sunday - March 24, 2002

Didn't go to bed until about 3:30am. But I woke up before 8:30am and couldn't fall back asleep. Grr. I think by body is just trying to annoy me. If so, it's working pretty well.

Laid down on the couch and managed to sleep until about 11:00am. Ate some breakfast and took a pain pill because my shoulder was really sore. Talked to Adam on the phone. Read some of the mutt docs. The pill made me sleepy, so I laid down again. Slept until 2:30pm. That's more like it! :-)

Futzed around a bit and finished of the Jello I made yesterday. Perhaps I should make more. After all, there's always room for Jello.

Pain seems to be less after the nap. This is a very good sign. The should pain is now intermittent, which is just annoying. Really annoying.

I can't wait to shower again.

Went for a walk around 6pm. That made my shoulder hurt again, but it felt good to get outside for a bit. Once I got back, it settled down. I haven't really needed any pain medication after this morning.

I'm close to eating normal meals again, it would seem.

Played around with analog a bit. Neat stuff. Also discovered that Noble likes to eat Manhattan style Clam Chowder.

Saturday - March 23, 2002

Surgery was yesterday. All in all, it went pretty well. I'm rather sore yet, but the drugs help with that. I've got a pill which is 5mg Hydrocodone and 500mg Acetaminophen. It does the trick and makes is really easy to sleep.

I stayed at Jeffrey's place after coming back from the hospital. Mostly just slept, drank some water, and ate a few crackers. I'm a lot less zonked than I was yesterday. As recently wrote to a friend of mine, "I can feed myself and use a computer, so I guess all the basics are covered."

Thursday - March 21, 2002

Well, today was relatively normal--except that I somehow managed to sleep about 2 hours later than I expected. Oh, well.

Tomorrow is the big day. I go to the hospital at around noon, and they're supposed to yank out my gall bladder around 1pm or so. If all goes well, I'll be home tomorrow night in a mild amount of pain. But at least I won't have to worry about the Real Pain anymore.

Tuesday - March 19, 2002

Got my ass paged out of bed this morning (6am) because shit was breaking left and right. Wasn't a good way to start the day at all. So much for sleep.

Met my surgeon today. Dr. Bloom is the cheif of surgery at Kaiser Santa Clara, so I feel like I'm in good hands. He's done over 600 of the operations I'm going to have. And his partner has done even more of 'em.

I'm scheduled to arrive at the hospital at noon. I "go under" at about 1pm. Let's hope all goes well.

Monday - March 18, 2002

The netapp disk move went well. One minor fuckup that was easily fixed (any my fault).

I've been having second thoughts about my upcoming surgery, but then I started to get that feeling from my gall bladder again (in a very minor way) and was reminded of how much I really want the damned thing ripped out!

Sunday - March 17, 2002

I'm not sure if this is funny or sad, but I didn't even realize it was St. Patrick's Day today until I visited Google to run a search. I saw their shamrock themed logo and thought, "hm. it must be the 17th today."

Needless to say, I didn't do anything special for the holiday. Oh, well. Maybe next year. But probably not. It's kind of a dumb holiday anyway. :-)

Saturday - March 16, 2002

Today was a wash. I didn't do a hell of a lot. For some reason my Saturdays have just been this way for a while. I'm not sure why.

I did help get the MySQL servers on PeakWebHosting working again. Then I wandered over to Subway for lunch. Came back and futzed around. Went for a drive. Took a nap. Random other shit.

Thursday - March 14, 2002

Finally got to meet with a doc and Kaiser. I'm scheduled for surgery [tentatively] for next Friday. I'll hopefully meet the surgeon in a few days.

Decided not to build a whole new system at work. I'm gonna evolve the existing system instead.

WCNet tech call today. Figured out what to do about spam filtering and other stuff.

Another new version of DBIx::DWIW should be going out soon.

I heard from O'Reilly today about the Open Source Convention. I'll be giving three presentations this year. Woohoo!

Tuesday - March 12, 2002

Had a dentist appointment today. In fact, this is going to be a busy week. I've got stuff on the calendar for almost every day. That's rather unusual. Meetings at work, gall bladder class, etc. Odd.

The new diet is working well. I'm down about 15-20 pounds now. I can't be more exact, because I only recently acquired a scale. Oh well.

Saturday - March 09, 2002

Rumor had it that the BBC's Ogg Streams were running again. Indeed they are. :-)

Tuesday - March 05, 2002

It's been a while. Lots of random stuff has gone on, none of which I'm in the mood to document right now.

Wednesday - February 20, 2002

Busy day. But I came home early to hack on the book.

New feed launched at work.

The Microsoft evil plan is beginning to take shape.

Monday - February 18, 2002

Woke up at 9am and relized that I had to be to the dentist in 1 hour for crown stuff and a small filling. Not the way you want to start a day off work.

Played with Exim on hosts. Mail migration is complete now.

Sunday - February 17, 2002

Finally explained what the hell is going on with Yahoo Mail's ancient POP3 implementation, to a small degree at least.

Sent in all my proposals for talks at the Open Source Convention in July. I had 3 for 90 minute talks, 1 for a 45 minute talk, and 1 for a 5 minute lightning talk titled "Why Larry Ellison should promote Open Source Databases." I just had the idea for that one an hour ago. :-)

Saturday - February 16, 2002

Slept a lot today. A whole lot.

Caught up on a ton of e-mail, put a few updates here and worked on cleaning up my JitterBug queue.

Messed with the Tivo some more. I got the the service update, so now it's got a bunch more cool features.

Friday - February 15, 2002

Well, I've had the Tivo for a few days and I'm loving it. These things totally rock. I'm even thinking about getting one of the hard disk upgrades so I can store more shows on it. I never miss The Simpsons anymore. :-)

In other news, I've decided that JavaScript can suck my nuts.

In the last week or so, I've managed to convince at least one person to adopt Debian on his machines. I swear, once you've used it for a week or two, you can't imagine ever going back.

Oh, let's see... What else has been going on? I've been ultra busy at work because of the damned Exodus facility shutting down.

I just found out that I'll have my hands on nice PowerBook G4 Titanium for a few weeks. Yeah! New toy...

Tuesday - February 12, 2002

My Tivo arrived today... Life will never be the same.

Monday - February 11, 2002

Went to the dentist today for a cleaning. Went well. Scheduled my crowns for next week.

Saturday - February 09, 2002

Spent a lot of time at the Equinix data center in San Jose with Jeffrey Papen today. Eventually we got hardware-based load balancing (via an Alteon switch) working for MySQL.

Sunday - February 03, 2002

I slept in a lot yesterday. So I had to make up for yesterday's lack of getting much done.

Worked with Mailman a bit and wrote about it for the Project of the Month. Moved the Goon-Squad list over to it. In fact, I moved all the Goon-Squad stuff (except for DNS) over to my machines.

Did some cleaning up around the apartment and other random stuff. Managed to mostly do my taxes yesterday. That was entertaining.

Tuesday - January 29, 2002

Cool. I'm gonna have to fly through MSP more often.

Monday - January 28, 2002

It's snowing in the area. This is most unusual.

I couldn't agree more.

Sunday - January 27, 2002

Slept in really late after being up late last night.

Ventured over to Subway for lunch. Came back and did some random stuff. Fixed my long-standing VMWare problem. Updated a few things. Caught up on e-mail. Deposited some checks.

Spent time screwing around with MySQL builds. Did get as much writing done as I had planned. :-(

Wow. This could be my next company.

Saturday - January 26, 2002

Got up early. Before 8am in fact. Took advantage of being up early and went to Baker's Square for breakfast. Had a nice Belgian Waffle, scrambled eggs, and bacon. Not the healthiest thing, but it sure is good. And it's less than five minutes away.

Did dishes, took out the trash, went to the store for cat litter and bananas. Then came back and worked on chapter two of the book for several hours.

Sort of got hungry around 4p and had a big bowl of Trader Joe's Vegetarian Red Bean Stew. I've love that stuff, even if it does have some... uhm, aromatic side-effects.

Hacked on the book more. Chapter two is going to be rather meaty and contain several figures to illustrate locking and concurrency stuff.

Friday - January 25, 2002

Boring day today. Had fun with a regex bug, but that was about it. I'll post the details someday, as it was quite entertaining.

Thursday - January 24, 2002

Sent in the preface and chatper 1 of the book to O'Reilly at about 1:30am.


Sunday - January 20, 2002

VMWare networking decided to stop working for some reason today. Damned commercial software. No error messages or helpful output. Just doesn't work. Grr.

Cats are back to normal. My sleep schedule isn't.

I had a very strange dream last night which involved two visits to the dentist and a nail being pounded into my jaw. Dunno what to make of that.

I just realized that my new bike doesn't have a bottle holder. But it appears that the one on my older bike can be transferred without too much effort.

Played around with DNS today. Discovered that BIND 9.x can be a pain. So I put 8.2.5 on Then I made and litterbox authoritative for Yeay.

Saturday - January 19, 2002

Here's my new toy. Of course, that link will stop working someday, so I'll just say it's a Raleigh C500 cross bike.

Thursday - January 17, 2002

The cats are a little less pissy today. Not much. got installed at the PAIX today. Yeay!

Monday - January 14, 2002

Grr. The writing is slow going. Too slow.

Sunday - January 13, 2002

Went to Stacks' in Redwood City for brunch today. Pretty good stuff.

A lot has happened since I last wrote. WCNet mail upgrade, multiple computer failures at home (and associated wasted time), etc. Let's just hope things improve.

Wednesday - January 02, 2002

Flew back to California today. Had to get up at 4:30am so as to leave Toledo at 5:00am for the 1 hour trek to Detroit. My flight was at 9:00am, so I got there about 2.5 hours early to find that the wait for security was only 10 minutes. I thank Murphy for that one.

Both flights (Detroit to Minneapolis, Minneapolis to San Jose) were VERY FULL, so I guess I was part of the post-holiday rush home.

Back in California, I can now go outside without layers and layers of insulation.

Tuesday - January 01, 2002

There's some good stuff over at

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