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Friday - December 31, 1999

The cats are sort of used to the corporate apartment now. I'm getting stuff ready to move. And looking at the mountain of paperwork that Yahoo gave me to read, fill out, and otherwise process. What fun.

I'm supposed to move in to my apartment on Monday. Good weather continues.

I already have my car. It arrived rather quickly.

Monday - December 27, 1999

First day of work. Had [dis]orientation in the morning (lots of paperwork, got talked at a bit, and pictures taken for IDs). Afternoon was spent figuring out what is and is not setup right on my workstation (FreeBSD running on a PIII 450Mhz, 256MB).

It hasn't sunk in yet. But the weather sure is nice.

Sunday - December 26, 1999

Time passed. Moves came to my house a few weeks ago. They took all my stuff. I moved in with my parents for a week. Then I flew to California with the cats so that I could start my new job hacking on Yahoo Finance.

Living in a decent corporate apartment in San Jose. The weather is excellent so far.

Friday - December 17, 1999

Last day of work. (See pictures here.)I'm unemployed for a week and a half. Big move coming up. Movers coming in a few days. Lots to do between now and then.

Saturday - December 11, 1999

Moving sucks. I have no idea why I kept so many empty boxes, bottles, containers, and random other junk in my house. Really. I've been throwing out stuff left and right. I'm up to seven bags of trash already.

I wonder why AAA takes so long to get more maps.

Friday - December 10, 1999

Janet's birthday.

Tuesday - December 07, 1999

It's official. I'm off the job market. I'll be going to a little Internet company in Santa Clara, California. Now the packing/moving/etc. begins.

Why does the fact that I've accepted a job with one of the coolest companies in the world not seem to deter some head hunters? I don't know either.

Perl Harbor Day.

Yahoo! Calendar kicks ass!

Friday - November 26, 1999

It's been an interesting week. A small little company out west is interested in talking to a Perl Hacker like me. I guess you do get a second chance sometimes.

Oh, apparently a little company in Seattle is also interested now. Do I suddenly have "Hire Me!" written on my forehead? Oh, yeah. It is on my home page now. Fancy that.

Saturday - November 20, 1999

Hacked on lots of Perl code. Discovered XMMS for Linux. Watched Air Heads and South Park.

Monday - November 08, 1999

Made some spare change trading BEOS today. :-)

Saturday - November 06, 1999

I'm thinking of throwing a Monopoly Party. :-)

Friday - November 05, 1999

Started reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Saturday - October 16, 1999

I bought a new chair which is more compatible with my computer "desk".

I cut the grass in the back yard.

Friday - October 15, 1999

Nothing interesting to report.

Thursday - October 14, 1999

CivCTP for Linux arrived today. My days are numbered.

I need more applesauce.

Wednesday - October 13, 1999

Wow. I've just had a good day. Not the whole day--just the last part. But it's interesting how a good two hours can make the whole day seem great. And they were all little things. I fixed several broken things. My ISDN call-bumping started working right again.

It dawned on me a bit earlier today that I'm going to be in Houston (again) in a few days. This must be trip #7 or #8 by now. Guess we need to get those conference slides done and stuff.

Tuesday - October 12, 1999

It's a good thing I have a leaf blower.

Monday - October 11, 1999

I noticed that the TV Guide web site seemed to think that today is Sunday the 11th (either that or Monday the 12th) and couldn't seem to tell me what was I TV. So I caught up on magazines and read a bit more of Mastering Algorithms in Perl.

I was dragging all day today. That's probably because I didn't really fall asleep until something like 3am due to the heaving napping yesterday. Gotta love the weekends.

Ordered Civilization: Call to Power from Linux Central, my favorite Linux distributer/reseller. It should be here in time for the weekend. Looks like I won't be getting much done.

The front yard is covered with leaves. Tomorrow's goal is to get out the leaf blower and blow them into someone else's yard or, preferably, the street.

Sunday - October 10, 1999

Rather uneventful week. Ran across something really amusing while browsing jwz's bookmarks: Letters to Wendy. Now that's what I call humor. Managed to temporarily misplace the key to Kevin's house. Wonder where it'll turn up.

A week from today I'll be flying to Houston. At least this time I'm going while the weather is likely to be decent. I guess I should really work on the presentation slides. Also found The Tao of Programming today.

Sunday - October 03, 1999

I've been away. I made it back from the week and a half trip to Denver with pictures and such. I got the job offer but wasn't thrilled with the pay, so we're negotiating a bit.

Updated the List of Stuff to Get and Do and List of Stuff I Got and Did given that I have purchased quite a bit of new music lately.

Catching up on reading, bills, laundry, etc.

Slept until about 4:00pm today. Not quite sure why. That's gonna mess me up, I fear.

Sunday - September 12, 1999

Slept a lot today. Went shopping for cat stuff and food. By the time I reached the grocery store, I was quite hungry. I now own stuff that I wouldn't normally eat.

Got stuff ready for class this week. Assignments, quiz, and such.

Hacked on mp3shell a small amount. Refreshed my TeX knowledge a bit. Customized mutt a bit more. Downloaded and played with fetchnews. Found a bug in it and reported it to the author with a fix.

Saturday - September 11, 1999

Slept a lot today.

More hacking on the mp3shell. It can record entries in the database now. And I'm starting the Apache/PHP browser front-end. Just need to do the Amazon query module, too.

Read a little more of the new book, too.

Watched one of my cats amuse the hell out of himself with a plastic grocery bag.

Friday - September 10, 1999

Turned in my application for the job today.

Read a fair amount of Mastering Algorithms with Perl and started playing seriously with mutt as an alternative mail reader. The default vi-like key bindings sort of surprised me. But I got used to it.

Thursday - September 09, 1999

Yeay! New books arrived. I don't know why, but it seems that every book I pre-ordered from Amazon decided to come on the same day. Both Mastering Algorithms with Perl and Running Linux came today. Woohoo!

Wednesday - September 08, 1999

Wow. The week is half over already.

Work stuff. Taught class. Gave quiz. Came home. Played with cats, watched some TV. Decided to be introspective for a while. Maybe I'll write more later--or just go to bed.

Tuesday - September 07, 1999

Marveled at how quickly time can fly at work even when I'm not doing heads-down stuff. Managed to add lots of server side caching to our Intranet home page on the test server. So far so good.

The eagerly awaited job posting has not appeared yet, so I wait another day.

Managed to get the homework and quiz ready for tomorrow night's class. It'll be fun now that we're actually going to start with C. I just hope that I don't lose anyone right away.

Hacked quite a bit on my MP3 shell. I think I'll call it "mp3shell" since it is relatively descriptive. I can now issue various commands (lookup, record, help, exit, catalog, dump, play) and most of them do something interesting. Tried recoding The Hits by Garth Brooks. Everything worked flawlessly with the lookup, ripping, and encoding sequence. Now I just need to get the database stuff working.

The campaign to unsubscribe myself from as many useless mailing lists as possible continues.

After talking a bit with Josh a bit about the fun he's having with, I have renewed my interest in PHP. I'm going to use it instead of mod_perl for some work on WCNet, because I need a relatively fast solution--not overkill.

I'm also looking to test some of the cool stuff I've seen over at, especially IMP.

Monday - September 06, 1999

Slept in since I didn't have to go to work. Managed to stay in bed past 9:00am before nature called. Got up and tried to work on my MP3 database software. I spent 2 hours trying to figure out the housing market in suburbs south of Denver, Colorado.

Went back to bed after allergy medicine kicked in. Got up at 1:30pm mildly disoriented. Showered. Ate lunch. Finished reading my Colorado AAA Tour Book. I feel so educated now.

Got a call from the Help Desk at work. Apparently a few more folks are getting prompted for passwords when they try and "go to the Internet" and I'm supposed to somehow diagnose this with no more information. I tried to get some details, but they didn't have any. Told 'em to wait until Tuesday unless the problems are "urgent".

Submitted a few questions to Slashdot for Tim O'Reilly to answer. If the moderators like mine, they might forward it to Tim to answer. That'd be cool.

Managed to motivate myself to play with computer stuff again. Finally ditched Gnus as my Mail and News reader. Downloaded, compiled, and installed Pine 4.10 (returning to my roots, I guess).

Did three loads of laundry. Did dishes.

Converted my internal network's domain name from to so that anal sendmail setups don't bounce my mail. Now I start slowly migrating all my mailing lists from to Not only is the newer address cooler, it actually works with my internal network, and it will make life easier on the off chance that I end up living a thousand miles away in the not-so-distant future.

Got bored enough to start on-line journal. Wonder if anyone will ever read it. Apparently I suckered you into it, somehow.

Sunday - September 05, 1999

Mmmmm. Donuts and apples for breakfast/lunch.

Spent some serious time hacking on my MP3 database software. Decided to throw out the old stuff and start from scratch. Then changed my mind and re-used a lot of the old stuff in a different framework.

Visited Kevin & Leah's cats. Gave them food and stuff. Picked up the CDs that I left at work. Went to the grocery store for a few items.

Napped. Made some spaghetti for dinner using fresh ingredients.

Watched War Games for inspiration around 8:00pm. Then stayed up until 4:00am hacking on that MP3 software. Decided to build an "MP3 shell" written in Perl. More work required.

Saturday - September 04, 1999

Slept in.

Went to Toledo to go swimming at the parents' pool. Got to see the mostly remodeled kitchen.

Visited MacQueen's Orchard on the way home. Picked up apples, syrup, and donuts.

Thought quite seriously about the possibility of going for a transfer at work and moving to the Littleton, Colorado area. Started assembling facts, figures, and other stuff on a Littleton page that I put together.

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