Jeremy Zawodny's Resume & Stuff

Here you can find my resume in plain text so that anyone can read it with any software. Please don't ask me for a copy in any proprietary format. If you can't read plain text or don't see the value in doing it this way, I don't want to work for you. Seriously.

Places I'd like to Live

I currently live in Silicon Valley. If I get af really interesting offer, I might be if it seems like it'll be worth my while. While the list below isn't exclusive, it is a good list of areas I'd like to move to given the chance: (in no particular order)

I would consider moving overseas, provided that it was to a location with a fair number of English speakers and active sailplane clubs. I'm intrigued by New Zealand and Amsterdam, for example.

Salary Requirements, etc.

I'd something roughly the equivalent of my current Bay Area salary (available upon request). If paid hourly, it's hard to say. It would depend on a lot of things, so use that number above as a guidepost.

I like flexible work hours and enjoy casual work environments (including the dress code). I won't wear a tie to work (regularly). The ability to work from home once in a while is a big plus.

I'd like a minimum of 3 weeks of vacation (paid time off) per year.

I'd like a good 401k program.

Want to Talk?

Still interested? Send me mail and let's setup a time to talk. What have you got to lose?

Copyright 2002, Jeremy D. Zawodny <>

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