MySQL Super Smack


I have not had the time to maintain or support super-smack in recent months. Tony Bourke has taken over as the maintainer. The new home for super-smack is


Originally developed by Sasha Pachev, MySQL Super Smack is a benchmarking, stress testing, and load generation tool for MySQL. Like the apache bench (ab) tool that ships with Apache, super smack helps to give you a handle on how well your server will perform. It's an invaluable testing and tuning aid.

I'm hosting super smack on my site at Sasha's request. He hasn't had the time to deal with it and asked if I could act as the tool's cutsodian. Given how much I use and adovcate it, I agreed to do so and even fixed a few things along the way.

Oh, and it doesn't hurt that it's covered in chapter 3 (Benchmarking) of my upcoming book. I also sponsored his work on making it build on RedHat 9.0 and other GCC 3.x. based systems. Who says Open Source means that programmers don't get paid! :-)

I've also done some work to make it build properly on FreeBSD. Version 1.2 should work out of the box when it's released. I just need to get a few spare hours to finish it up.


Version 1.2 released. This version corrects some cosmetic bugs and make Super Smack build properly on FreeBSD.

Version 1.1 released. This version makes Super Smack build properly with newer versions of GCC.

Copyright 2003, Jeremy D. Zawodny <>