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I am a child of the eighties (80s). That should dictate that I spend my life doing some Gen-X type job, watch lots of TV, and am generally apathetic about the state of the world. Well, I hate to say it, but I don't quite fit the mold.


I do watch some television. Most of it is limited to a few shows that I try to follow. I used to watch and attempt to follow NBC's famous Thursday Night Lineup (when it included Friends, Seinfeld, ER, and Caroline in the City) but it became rather trite after a year.

Nowadays, I come home from work and try to catch re-runs of Mad About You and Seinfeld while I'm eating whatever I've managed to whip up for dinner. I try to catch the new episodes, but never seem to remember when they're on. I also watch The X-Files on Sunday nights.

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Somehow, the comedy of Paul & Jamie amuses the hell out of me.
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What can I say. Seinfeld is one of the funnies shows of the 90s.
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The X-Files appeals to me paranormal/conspiracy side, don't 'cha know.


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Most of the time when I'm listening to the radio anymore, I'm tuned to WGTE FM91, my local public radio station because they are my local National Public Radio (NPR) and Public Radio International (PRI) affiliate.

The programs that I listen to on a daily basis during the week are:

And on the weekends:

Minnesota Public Radio (MPR)

Yahoo has a list of NPR Programs.


My top picks for 1997:

What I've seen so far in 1998:


More to come...

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