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The reality of "now" compared to when I wrote the original proposal.

In my original proposal, I probably understated a major facet of this project. This is more than a "research" project, which is all it sounds like in the original proposal. In fact, the "research" portion is not very complex or in-depth. It doesn't need to be. A large portion of this project is focused on the people and experiences which define Prout Table. As a result, you will notice what I call a "scrap book" look and feel in many parts of this project.

Furthermore, I stated that I'd be producing a multimedia CD-ROM based presentation. As is often the case in this ever-advancing, technology-driven world, my feelings about that began to change not long after I wrote it. Since then, the technology behind the World-Wide Web (WWW) has evolved to the point where I can achieve everything I wanted to without the aid of additional (and proprietary) multimedia tools. As a result, Kim Sebert's assistance is no longer needed.

Jeremy D. Zawodny / jzawodn@bgnet.bgsu.edu

Updated: February 23rd, 1997