September 07, 2002

Java, C++, and the Nasdaq

Check out these graphs that chart the demand for Java and C++ programmers since September 1999. Then look at the Nasdaq chart on that page. (As seen on Russell Beattie's Notebook)

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September 03, 2002

Geek Volunteers in the Third World

I was very interested in this story over on K5. Not just because it's "interesting" but because it's the sort of story that makes K5 a unique and valuable community. It's really amazing to see folks come together and discuss a whole range of topics and ideas on a daily basis, and then to realize that most of these people really don't know who they're talking to.

On a more personal note, the idea of being a "Geek Volunteer" in a less developed country sounds like something I might want to try someday. Not today or tomorrow, but I can certainly see myself doing it at some point. I really think I'd end up learning far more than I could teach anyone. It would be a great experience, I'm sure. The real question is how to decide when it's right to extract yourself from day-to-dat living and do something like this.

Maybe you "just know" when the time is right.

Anway, go read the story. I look forward to reading the author's progress.

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September 02, 2002

The #1 Database on Linux

I just saw an Oracle banner ad on Slashdot that read: "Looking for the #1 database on Linux?" Curious, I clicked on it. After several redirects, it took me to this page.

Just for the record, it says, among other things:

Oracle9i Database on Linux is a fast, reliable and cost-effective way to grow your business without growing your budget.

Nowhere on that page do they provide justification for their claim that Oracle9i is the "#1 database on Linux." You know why? Because it's not. Not by a long shot. You see, Oracle is expensive. Most Linux users are quite happy with PostgreSQL or MySQL.

"Ah," you say, "they're marketing to the corporate world." Maybe. But on Slashdot?!?! I can think of about 50 other sites that they ought advertise on first.

Oh, and if Oracle is so good, why has Slashdot's parent company decided to use IBM's DB2 as the back-end for their only product?

That page also says...

Voted Linux Journal Editors' Choice for "sheer performance", Oracle9i Database on Linux is Unbreakable.

What the hell to Linux Journal's editors know about databases? Are any of them DBAs? What sort of applications have they been building with Oracle?

Oh, well. Back to my real writing.

Update: Google speaks the truth. When you search Google for "The #1 Database on Linux" the first link you get is for MySQL. Oracle is #3 on the list. Heh. Nice try Mr. Ellison. (For some reason Linux Journal is #4 in the results. Must have a lot more to do with "linux" than "database".

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Writing is a slow, slow process...

I really wish I could write English text at even half the speed that I code at. In the last two hours, I've written about two pages of text. Ugh.

I should have told everyone that the book would be done in 2005 so I'd have a chance of getting it done early.

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September 01, 2002

I'm not a FontBitch!

Woohoo. My blog is in the Fuzzyblog's FontSafe category rather than the FontBitch category. I'm glad someone is beating this drum.

We have this argument at work all the time, and I refuse to put fixed-sized font specs in the CSS I build. If you look at the in-line style sheet here, you'll notice that it's all relative. Just the way it ought to be.

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