October 09, 2003

SMTP Sender Authentication, Blog Spam, and PageRank

First off, David Jeske (formerly of eGroups, now Yahoo! Groups) has a suggestion stopping the forgery of e-mail. He calls it SMTP Sender Authentication.

My proposal is to do sender authentication at the SMTP level, with a compatible extension to the implementation.

I don't think it's a complete solution (like many of the other proposals out there), but it's better than nothing, that's for sure.

Next, my "spam your own blog" idea seems have been picked up by a number of folks.

Excellent. Thanks for all the TrackBacks.

Finally, I figured out how to fix PageRank today. It happened while I was looking at some recent blog comments and trying to decide if they were spam or not. I decided they're not quite spam but are more like wearing your company's logo shirt everywhere you go. In-your-face advertising that may or may not cross the line, depending on the situation.

Posted by jzawodn at 11:24 PM

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As noted here, I've decided to play the spammers' game for a day to see if we (bloggers) can out-spam the spammers.

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Won't you join the fun? Post a entry with a similarly spammy subject on your blog. TrackBack this entry. Link to it. I'll link to yours. Let's abuse our PageRank in a way that'd make the spammers jealous.

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Just don't forget to disable comments on your entry.

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