September 21, 2003

The Million Dollar Keyboard

Wow, this is truly amazing. According to the comments on this keyboard, it not only has a key that will summon Jesus himself, but it also cures cancer!

Apparently, there's good news for those of us without the extra million dollars laying around. They're available used starting from $14.78.

Note: The page may be fixed by the time you look. Amazon is aware of the "problem." Just in case, here's a full screenshot and here's one with the first few comments.

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Today's Random Blog Quotes

Philip Greenspun says:

A project done in Java will cost 5 times as much, take twice as long, and be harder to maintain than a project done in a scripting language such as PHP or Perl.

Jon Udell (in Infoworld) says:

In software development as in science, breakthroughs often occur when insights flow across disciplinary boundaries. The conductors of these flows are typically generalists who belong to several (or many) communities and who form bridges among them.

There were a few others, but I've managed to lose them. Doh!

Posted by jzawodn at 10:22 AM