September 05, 2003

I need Comedy Central

One of the downsides of staying in a hotel is that you run the risk of watching a lot of TV. But I've been watching Comedy Central--something I haven't done in years. I never realized how much I missed it!

Not exactly time well spent, but hey.... I'm catching up on some e-mail too. :-)

Anyway... I just thought I'd share that.

Oh, I'm back up in Truckee flying gliders--thus the hotel stay. I did some dual cross-country training today. Had a 3 hour 20 minute flight from Truckee to Spalding (roughly 100nm North) and back to Nervino (roughly 40nm short of Truckee). We could have made it all the way back, but I wasn't feeling so hot. This is a great area to fly in, but it's no fun if you're starting to feel air sick.

More on the flight later, including a GPS trace overlay in the map when I get back home. Tomorrow I go to South Lake Tahoe to fly a DG-1000.

Update: South Park is on next!!! I had totally forgotten about South Park.

Damn, you'd think I was maturing or something. What's with this?

Posted by jzawodn at 08:16 PM