September 01, 2003

got books?

A few years ago I realized something strange and was just recently reminded of it (thanks, K). My parents don't really own any books. Neither does my sister (and brother in-law). I guess I was just used to that growing up. But it's odd.

(That's not entirely true, my Dad buys a lot of computer books that he never reads. And my Mom has a small collection of cooking books. But that hardly counts.)

Personally, I have too many books. I have two full-height book cases that are full. I also have 3 half-height cases that are full. And I've vowed not to buy more (cases, not books!). Instead I go thru and get rid of old books that I don't plan to read again. The local library likes that.

Most (but not all) people I know seem to have a decent collection of books too. I know that 1-click isn't completely to blame, 'cause I've always this problem... I'd go to a book store and walk out with at least 4 books. Every time. And when we visited Powell's in Portland during OSCON, I think I walked out with something like 9 books.

And my Amazon Wishlist has 4 pages worth of items on it. There are 88 in total right now. Granted, a few are DVDs, but most are books.

So many books, so little time!

You know, I remember going to my friend Greg's house when I was growing up. They also didn't have [m]any books.

I'm not sure what to make of this.

Is this common? What's your experience?

Posted by jzawodn at 11:08 PM