June 18, 2003

Udell on Blind Ignorance

Okay, he doesn't call it that, but I do.

After all these years, the Unix and Windows cultures are still profoundly unaware of one another's strengths.

Read the whole story in Jon's Towards a unification of strengths article.

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TypePad in Private Beta?

My surprisingly popular MSNBOT post got a referral and a TrackBack from http://firstpost.typepad.com/firstpost/2003/06/microsoft_crush.html but tried to follow the link and hit a password prompt. I guess the beta advertised on the TypePad site is running.

It's no surprise that they're using TrackBack, of course.

I've got to give 'em credit for calling the server firstpost. :-)

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Search Users

Tim Bray's second installment is on-line now. It's brief, but I assume it's building up to the third installment.

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Long eitheruse of time does not become pain.


Go read this Register story and you'll understand.

It's really quite amusing if you're amused by Engrish and similar things.

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