June 07, 2003

American Wedding

While at the movie last night I saw the preview I've been waiting for.

Jim and Michelle are getting married - in a hurry. Jim's grandmother is sick and wants to see Jim walk down the aisle, so they're going for it in two frantic weeks. Stifler plans to be there (bridesmaids!), and more importantly to throw the ultimate bachelor party (strippers!). While everybody else sweats and frets, Jim's Dad (Levy) is cool as ever, dispensing advice that no one wants to hear.

I thought it'd be called American Pie 3 but they went with American Wedding instead.

Regardless, as a huge fan of the Pie, I'm really looking forward to this film. I'd try to describe the funny stuff from the movie trailer, but you're best off watching it yourself if you're into this genre at all. (I am.)

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2 Fast, 2 Furious, 2 Fun

The second was far better than the first. Really. Rather than being about Vin Diesel as a badass driver, this film had a bit more humor, driving, and action.

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