May 08, 2003

Considering LinkedIn vs. Friendster

Now that I've glanced at LinkedIn (thanks to Russell's post) the question I'm thinking about it this: Which will be more successful, Friendster or LinkedIn? And why?

LinkedIn is focused on professionals and work. Friendster is focused on personal relationships--friends, dating, etc. I think they're both obvious uses of all this network technology we're sitting on. It's going to be very interesting to see how they evolve.

Is one of those concepts somehow a more "natural" fit for the web? I don't know, but now I'm thinking about it more.

Do these qualify as Social Software? I think so. But not quite the kind that Clay wrote about--not yet at least.

(Disclaimer: I've met the man behind Friendster and have helped out in some very small ways.)

Update: Okay, I've played with LinkedIn a bit more. Very cool. It's a cross between a job search site and Friendster and ... something else that I haven't quite put my finger on.

Is is just me, or is there suddenly (okay not so suddenly, but still) a lot of cool stuff going on out there? I thought so.

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Feedster Images

As announced by Scott today, try out Feedster Images.

It's cool.

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Yahoo Stuff.. or "How to arouse Microsoft"

Wow, I take one day off to go flying (and catch up on some writing and not think about work), so of course some interesting headlines appear while I'm not paying any attention. Let's see...

Perhaps I should take time off more often.

I also found out that the big move at work has been postponed because we may be using a fifth building soon. Hmm.

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My Tivo is on crack

For some reason, it has begun recording 30 minute shows in 40 minute blocks. This is very strange. I guess I'll see if it's still doing this tomorrow.

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