May 02, 2003

Slow Moving

Why is today moving so slowly? It feels like I've been at work for 18 hours. And I'm tired. It doesn't feel like a Friday at all.

Posted by jzawodn at 05:53 PM

My First QuickTime Movie

A couple weeks ago I took some friends flying and they brought along a kick ass little Sony DV camera. I borrowed the camera to suck the 44 minutes of video onto the TiBook and play with iMovie a bit.

After a visit to Fry's to buy a 120GB external FireWire/USB drive (I ran out of space), I had 8.5GB of video sitting on the Mac. So I messed around with iMovie long enough to figure out the basics (but not much more).

Just for fun, I've created a movie of a glider takeoff. I was flying the glider. Jeffrey Friedl ran the camera and his wife, Fumie, and her Mom were in the back seat of the glider.

I call this creation "Glider Takeoff" because that's exactly what it is. Here it is. It's a little big (16MB52MB), so if you're not on a high-speed connection, don't bother. I'll do a low-bandwidth version if anyone really wants to see it.

Don't go too hard on the filming technique or the my lack of iMovie skills.

I have over 44 minutes of video, so I'll try to do something a little more interesting for my next movie. Most of the film is in-cockpit flying, so that could be fun.

Update: My updload failed. The whole movie is not there. Fixing that now, but it'll take time.

Update #2: The whole movie is on-line now.

Posted by jzawodn at 08:03 AM