March 25, 2003 mini-rant

I've been using for a few months now. It's nice being able to download NPR programs to my iPod and listen to them later. But recently I've not been using it much and decided I ought to cancel my subscription rather than spending money for a service I really don't use enough. I figured I might sign up again someday.

I poked around on their web site and couldn't find a way to cancel my monthly membership (and the associated charge to my credit card). So I e-mailed to ask how I can cancel on-line.

You can't.

We have received your request to cancel your AudibleListener membership and are prepared to do so. For the safety of our customers, it is our policy that we get positive confirmation of the identity of our customer before performing service requests that involve a change in the financial status of an account.

What bullshit! They have no problem at all allowing me to increase my charges by using their web site. I can add subscriptions, purchase book recordings, and even MP3 players.

But now I want to send them less money per month and they suddenly start caring about "a change in the financial status of an account."

I'm now on hold waiting to speak with a human.

Screw you, You've lost a customer for life.

Posted by jzawodn at 10:57 AM