March 09, 2003

MT Upgraded

Well, the upgrade seems to have worked. Let's see if I can post this without anything blowing up.

If so, all the folks bitching about the lack of a search box on my blog will soon have one thing less to complain about. :-)

Update: It seems that TrackBack is somehow broken now. Grr. Must figure out what broke.

Update #2: Yes, there's now a search box on the right side of my main index. I need to hack on the template a bit to make it look right, but at least it works.

Posted by jzawodn at 10:35 PM

Upgrading MT

Alright, I've waited long enough. After reading the changelog, I've decided to make the jump from MT 2.21 to 2.63.

I hope this goes smoothly.

Posted by jzawodn at 10:23 PM