March 02, 2003

Thinking away from the keyboard

Sometimes you just have to get back to basics.

I've been having a tough time with the book recently. The writing has been really slow and painful. Tonight, I just didn't feel like sitting in front of the keybord for another long, frustrating session of slow writing.

So I got out a big notepad and my chapter 4 outline. I then planted my ass in the Lazy Boy recliner and began to write with my mechanical pencil. The next thing I know, it's an hour later. My stomach is hungry (dinner time) and I've got many pages of stuff--half of the remaining writing for this chapter is sitting in front of me, waiting to be keyed in.

This rocks!

After I eat, I'll try to pencil the rest of it out for another hour or so and then move on to the comparatively easy task of typing what I already have on paper.

I only wish I had thought of this sooner--like 2 months ago.

Thinking back, this makes sense. I got some of my best programming done in college this way.

Posted by jzawodn at 07:59 PM