November 19, 2002

ApacheCon slides from Sander

Sander van Zoest, another Yahoo! Engineer is giving three presentations at ApacheCon this week: Audio and Apache, XML and Internationalization, and Link Rot.


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ApacheCon Blogging

Michael Radwin, one of my co-workers, is blogging ApacheCon. You may remember him as the person who presented at PHPCon and got everyone excited about the fact that Yahoo is using PHP now.

Notice the blog style similarities? :-)

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So I settle down in the in the dentist's chair and explain the situation. The dentist looks at the tooth in question, says "uh oh" and turns to the hygienist/assistant and says "You better get him numbed up. This tooth is crumbling."

You see, about 9 months ago, Dr. Huntley had identified two teeth that he wanted to eventually get crowns on to replace the old (from childhood) fillings. He was afraid they'd eventually crack. Well, one did just the other day. It's a good thing I called soon and got it checked.

So now I have two temporary crown/fillings in place and the lower-right half of my mouth is slowly getting feeling back. I'll go back after Thanksgiving (and my trip back to Ohio) to have the real things installed.

In related news, my new Braun electric toothbrush is quite nice. But it takes some getting used to. I've made quite a mess with it.

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Tooth Repair

Uh oh. I seem to have damaged one of my teeth. My dentist planned on replacing the ancient filling in it soon anyway, but a piece of the tooth has vanished. Chipped or cracked, I'm not sure. But I do expect to be getting an injection and some drilling in about two hours.


The curse of my life--my damned teeth.

In related news, my electric toothbrush arrived yesterday. It seems to work quite well. I certainly feel like my teeth are cleaner (than normal) after using it.

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