November 12, 2002

Secret Business Model

A few folks are talking about the Plaxo story in Wired. Specifically, this part:

When asked exactly how the company intends to generate revenue, the decidedly secretive founder would confirm only that Plaxo is not meant to be spyware or adware.
"We think one of the most clever aspects of what we're doing is the business model, but right now we're talking exclusively about the product launch, not about the business model," Parker said.

Heh. I visited Plaxo to do some consulting. We just focused on the technical stuff I was there to talk about. But over lunch, I asked the "how will you make money" question. I got similarly evasive answers.

I remember telling some folks about that. My thinking at the time was that these people are:

  1. Stupid
  2. Crazy
  3. Hiding Something

I opted for #3. Why? Because I knew they managed to get some cash out of Sequioa. And Mike Moritz is no idiot.

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OracleWorld bloggage

A few folks on O'Reilly Net are talking about OracleWorld. But that's all I've found so far. Jonathan Gennick and Derrick Story

Well, there was this /. story too.

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