October 19, 2002

Mac OS X Mainstreaming...

From Jon Udell's recent Infoworld article:

As the Macintosh clan soaks up Unix, LDAP, and first-class scripting languages, the Unix tribe is discovering AppleScript, AppleEvents, and most crucially, a refined end-user sensibility. The world has never seen, until now, a Unix computer that the average computer novice could use.

For my take on how Mac OS X relates to RedHat Linux, read the November issue of Linux Magazine.

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When Google Deflates Your Ego

From the Defective Yeti

I started thinking about this yesterday, when I had this hil-lare-ious idea of taking the movie poster for My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and Photoshopping it so that it contained pictures of Bill Gates and Keven Smith and whatever, and then renaming it My Big Fat Geek Wedding! Ha! But then I foolishly decided to search Google for the phrase "My Big Fat Geek Wedding" and found out that I am the last person on Earth to think of this. Stupid search engine.

Yeah, I've been there before.

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The Fire Department Just Left

So my neighbor came downstairs to bang on my front door. "Do you smell smoke?!" she asked? "Now I do!" I said, after having opened my front door.

There was a fire of some sort burning in the house attached to our building. We poked around for a minute. She ran around to their front door and tried to see if they were home. They were not. She saw flames in their back patio--right near my front door. She grabbed the hose. I prepared to call 911, as I had brought my phone out with me.

Moments later, the fire was out. It was small. The fire department arrived. Someone else must have called--probably the group across the street who were staring at us.

The verdict: They smoke. It was probably a cigarette that wasn't properly extinguished.

This bothers me not because they could have burned their house down, but because it is attached to mine, so it could have burned mine down too (as well as my upstairs neighbor).

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