September 08, 2002

SpamAssassin News Site Beta

After Justin asked for a slash-like site for news about SpamAssassin, I volunteered to get something together. It currently lives on, which will eventually answer to as well. Now I need to get some feedback from the core SA folks and anyone else who wants to poke at it.

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Clueless "Programmers" and High Salaries

I have to agree with Kasia on this one. There are a lot of "programmers" out there who couldn't think their way out of a paper bag. And many are now complaining that they can't find jobs paying enough money.

I don't mean to discount the good, smart folks who are looking for work. I hope they're they first ones hired when things turn around. But as for the rest of the bunch, maybe Burger King has openings?

I make a decent living in my job. In fact, the only real reason that I'd like to make more money is that the cost of housing (not living--housing) is so damned high in the Bay Area. When I moved out here, I had to sell my $92,000 1 and 1/2 story house in Ohio. I way making $730/month house payments. I moved into a crappy apartment in Santa Clara (where I still live) with a $1,400/month rent. That's right. I had to pay twice as much for 1/2 the space. I have no yard, no garage, no patio, and no view.

Ugh. Do I think I should make more money because I'm a programming god of some sort? No. But I'd really like to live in a house (or at least a townhouse) again. The problem is that every decent house costs a minimum of $700,000 and event a decent townhouse goes for over $350,000. At this rate, I'm gonna be stuck in my crappy apartment for a long, long time. Or I'll just move.

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The Terrorists Have Won

I highly recommend reading this article over on Y! News, an Op/Ed piece from Ted Rall.

It starts out with:

Are you the kind of person who believes that attaching a plastic American flag to your SUV makes a major patriotic statement? If so, you're no doubt anticipating the looming anniversary of the September 11 attacks with the enthusiasm of a nine-year-old on Christmas morning.
Then there's the rest of us.

And just gets better from there.

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I have this theory. Non-Drowsy medicine means "doesn't really work worth a damn." So far, I've yet to be proven wrong. The only allergy medicines that really help me also sorta knock me out. And now, the first cold medicine I've tried today (Multi-Symptom Tylenol Cold) appears to be useless. I still have a runny nose and sore throat. Well, I guess it's time to try the Benadryl Allergy/Cold and see what it does (other than try to make me sleep).


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A Cold?

I woke up this morning with what appears to be a cold. That really sucks. I mean, a cold at this time of year. It's in the 70s and 80s outside. WTF?!


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