September 03, 2002

Geek Volunteers in the Third World

I was very interested in this story over on K5. Not just because it's "interesting" but because it's the sort of story that makes K5 a unique and valuable community. It's really amazing to see folks come together and discuss a whole range of topics and ideas on a daily basis, and then to realize that most of these people really don't know who they're talking to.

On a more personal note, the idea of being a "Geek Volunteer" in a less developed country sounds like something I might want to try someday. Not today or tomorrow, but I can certainly see myself doing it at some point. I really think I'd end up learning far more than I could teach anyone. It would be a great experience, I'm sure. The real question is how to decide when it's right to extract yourself from day-to-dat living and do something like this.

Maybe you "just know" when the time is right.

Anway, go read the story. I look forward to reading the author's progress.

Posted by jzawodn at 10:20 PM