August 08, 2002

LinuxCare -- they're back!

According to an article at the Register, they're making software:

The software, called Levanta, is designed to reduce the cost of administering virtual Linux servers on IBM Corp eServer zSeries mainframe environments. Scheduled for general availability in October, the software is being demonstrated for the first time at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in San Francisco next week. It supports IBM's z/VM virtualization software version 4, releases 2 and 3, as well as SuSE Linux AG's Linux Enterprise Server 7 with kernel version 2.4 and Red Hat Inc's Linux 7.2. It is scheduled to cost from $150,000.

Yup, they're making mainframe software now. What an odd twist of fate.

Posted by jzawodn at 03:05 AM

Cross-browser CSS is Hard

So we're getting ready to launch some redesigned stuff on Yahoo! Finance and are taking the CSS plunge (finally). Even ignoring the ancient Netscape 4.x browsers, it's not easy. Looking at Galeon/Mozilla on Linux and Mozilla/IE/Opera on both XP and Mac OS X (oh, and OmniWeb on the Mac) highlights a lot of places where they don't agree. I wish I had the time to take screen-shots of each and post them. Hmm. Maybe tomorrow.

Yikes, I guess we ought to look at Konqueror too. What other browsers GUI are we missing? Yeah, I know about lynx, links, and w3m. Let me know if we're missing some.

How do others deal with this? Fall back to the tried and true table-based layout for some of the tricky items?

Oh, this will also be one of our most visible "live" uses of MySQL. More on that later.

If you'd like to see the layout in your favorite browser (one we haven't tested, maybe), let me know. Your help would be appreciated--especially if we can get a screen-shot out of the experience. (I'm way behind on the rest of my life this week as a result of all this stuff. Maybe I'll blog that story someday too. There are some important human lessons buried in this experience.)

Update: It's almost 3am again. I should really get to bed. *sigh* So much mail to catch up on...

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