July 31, 2002

HP Abusing the DMCA

According to CNET:

In an apparent first, Hewlett-Packard has invoked the controversial Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to stop researchers from releasing information about software bugs. Until now, the DMCA has been used by copyright holders to prevent, for example, release of programs that allow for the circumvention of copyright protections. But H-P sent a letter to SnoSoft, a group of researchers, saying that the group faces fines of $500,000 and jail time for releasing information about a bug in an H-P Unix application. SnoSoft said that they notified H-P of the flaw early enough that a patch should have been available before public disclosure of the bug. An attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation said he expects more companies to try to use the DMCA in this way because the very broad terms and interpretation of the law allow for such prosecution. Even in circumstances unrelated to protecting copyright, he said, such actions "will trigger DMCA penalties."

Are ALL big companies stupid and evil? Sheesh.

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Same Job, Difference Cubicle

I enjoyed this article at Salon. It focuses on the VA Linux aftermath. It's a bit fluffy and short, but not bad.

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