July 24, 2002

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Mena has setup a TrackBack page for folks blogging about OSCON. Check it out to see what other folks have so far. If you're using MT and are at OSCON, please contribute your entries as well.

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Today I managed to sleep in a bit too long, having been up well past 2am after all the fun yesterday. The good news is that I'm a bit better rested, but the bad news is that I was a bit behind on things and missed the first keynote. I had a lot of stuff to do yet for the phpj.com setup, but luckily I managed to find Bryan at the last minute.

I did manage to sit on the floor (with a power outlet nearby) and work on things while Richard Stallman delivered his keynote. I don't think anyone was surprised by what he had to say. In fact, I was a little surprised that he was as calm as he was.

Next up was Monty and David's "MySQL Now and in the Future" talk. They covered the basics of the MySQL development roadmap and even managed to plug my talks (as well as Brian's). What I learned is that there is someone already hacking on the MySQL 5.0 source tree to get a first implementation of stored procedures done. (Yeah, that's right. Stored procedures in MySQL.)

Right now I'm in a talk about Mac OS X for Open Source developers. Interesting comments about why Apple doesn't ship X11 with the base OS X install and never will. They really don't want a "normal" end user to ever, ever see an X11-based application. They recommend using things like Qt, Tk, GLUT, and other APIs that have Aqua support instead.

Update #1

After lunch was time for my "MySQL Backup and Recovery" talk. (Slides will be on-line in 12 hours or so.) I had about 60-75 people in the room and I even managed to stay on schedule. I had only forgotten to mention one important point. Because of some A/V issues, I ended up having Jeremy Cole (from MySQL AB) run the slides for me. Thanks Jeremy!

Now I'm sitting in Damien's talk about preparing for Perl 6. Yikes.

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On Tuesday, I attended the first half of the Optimizing Perl talk and then went over to the second half of Tim Bunce's "Advanced DBI" talk. Good stuff all around. Tim's talk highlighted some interesting new features in DBI that I need to look at more closely.

After lunch I went to part of Zak Greant's "Getting the most from PHP and MySQL" talk before going over to the "Advanced PHP" presentation. Zak's talk was a lot more about MySQL than PHP, so it wasn't as useful (to me), but it was a good talk. The Advanced PHP talk covered a lot of new stuff in PHP and hinted at what's coming in 5.0 (a lot of OO fixups, for example). We also got a chance to hear from Rasmus about the stability of Apache 2.0 in a production environment. The short version is that you really don't want to be using it with dynamic content yet. Static stuff isn't bad, though.

The real fun began after dinner (with some of the MySQL developers and trainers). Larry Wall's 6th "State of the Onion" talk was excellent, as usual. I think he did a good job setting expectations for Perl 6.

After his talk, we were able to compete in Jon Orwant's "Internet Quiz Show". Our team won for the 3rd year in a row. We're probably going to retire. Three wins in a row is good enough for anybody. :-)

After the big win, we celebrated in the hotel bar and had a chance to talk with a lot of good folks.

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The PHP Journal

The cat's out of the bag now. We're launching the PHP Journal. Visit the new website for some basic info (we're adding more as we catch our breath).

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