July 14, 2002

RealPlayer for OS X. Where is it?

I just sorta figured it must exist. But a visit to real.com has proven otherwise. In the "Select OS" dropdown, Mac OS X not an option. Is there an alternative player that can play back RealAuido streams for OS X?

Posted by jzawodn at 08:00 PM

More MySQL Practices

When running through my web traffic stats, I noticed a link from Tony Bowden. He has a blog entry up that comments on my comments on the "10 MySQL Best Practices" article from a few days ago. It's too bad Radio users and MovableType users can't use TrackBack together (yet?).

Anway, other than agreeing with me, he goes on to make several good points about storing binary data in MySQL, using ANSI SQL (and the problem of premature portability), normalization, AUTO_INCREMENT fields, and more. Good stuff. Give it a read.

Update: I appear to have hit upon a popular topic. Here's Kasia's take on it, and here's what Brian Jepson has to say.

Posted by jzawodn at 01:27 PM