July 05, 2002

Testing BlogApp on the TiBook

I took the day of work to do random stuff around my apartment. Part of the fun involved two trips to Fry's for parts I needed. On the first trip I wanted to get some more rounded IDE cables. While there, I thought "what they heck..." and picked up an AirPort card for the TiBook.

After hitting the Apple web site to figure out how to make it go, I realized that (a) the card is internal and won't use the only PCMCIA slot ( yeay!), and (b) I needed a special screwdriver to open the TiBook. I didn't have said screwdriver, so I had to make a second trip to get the screwdriver. While there, I also picked up the notebook backpack that I was tempted by on my first visit.

Anyway, once I got it all setup and installed the AirPort update software, it was like magic. It found my LinkSys WAP11 gateway without any trouble and I was completely wireless. Of course, the next order of business was finding a good client-side blogging tools that runs on OS X. After a bit of looking around, I found BlogApp. I used it to post this story. It's a log like w.bloggar on Windows except that it has spell checking built-in. Excellent.

BlogApp is shareware ($6) and if it works out well, I'll click the PayPal button and make it official.

Posted by jzawodn at 06:56 PM