June 30, 2002

Apple iRack beats Dell

Yup, according to this story on Yahoo News, Apple's new Xserve (or iRack, as it ought to be called) ran right past a Dell server in a recent benchmark.

At the big Xserve announcement, Steve Jobs made it quite clear that they were going head to head with Dell, IBM, and others. This just serves to strengthen Apple's position.

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Palladium or not, here he comes!

The Register is running a story titled MS security patch EULA gives Billg admin privileges on your box. Yup. Microsoft isn't waiting around for Palladium or specialized hardware. They're gonna force the new restrictions on Windows users as they download critical security updates.

Microsoft has just assumed the right to attack your computer and surreptitiously install code of its choosing. You will not be warned; you will not be offered an opportunity examine the download or refuse it. MS will simply connect remotely and install what it will, or install it secretly when you contact them.

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NexLand ISB Pro800 Turbo Router

There was a link over on slashdot to a review of the NexLand ISB Pro800 Router. I had never heard of NexLand before, but the device is quite compelling. It is able to do load-balancing for dual broadband connections. If you're like me (unlikely) and have both DSL and a cable modem, this is the way to go! No more hassling with switching the default route on your machines when one provider's service dies.

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Cringely saw the future...

At least that's what his latest pulpit says. He foresaw the recent accounting scandals as well as Microsoft's Palladium announcement. Heh.

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Blog Index Updates

After having installed MT 2.21, I managed to get the google integration going. Now you'll see a box on the right side of the main index page which lists matches that google has found based on the titles of my most recent blog entries. In case you're not a rocket surgeon, it's called "related links via google."

Also, I've manged to write a very simple Perl script called opml2html.pl that converts the myChannels.opml file created by AmphetaDesk (the cool RSS aggregation software I use) into an include file. That include file is sucked it by PHP and appears in the "feeds/blogs I read" box on the right side of the main index page, just below the aforementioned google box. So now you can know what I read and easily get the feed URL by clicking on the ever-popular orange XML button.

I'll probably add a "book I'm reading" and "favorite new CD" module at some point too. I just need time to do it. Remember, I do have a book to write.

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