Unbreakable means Hackable

Apparently, Oracle isn't as "unbreakable" as we've been brainwashed led to believe.

Oracle confirmed that a variety of its server products could be tampered with through vulnerabilities via the OpenSSL protocol. The flaws could potentially open the door for a remote hacker to cause a denial-of-service (DoS) attack, execute arbitrary code, and gain access privileges.

Read all about it in Oracle Issues High-Severity Vulnerability Warning.

I always wonder if vendors will just give up someday, realizing that no product is secure, unbreakable, hack-proof, or whatever. It's software. It's imperfect. Deal with it and stop trying to convince anyone otherwise.

Amusingly, I just tried to search their site for "unbreakable" but got a 500 server error back: screenshot.

I'd say it's not a good day in Oracle land.

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