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Since I've been on the web since the very early days, I've accumulated a lot of stuff from my early college days. Much of this has not been changed since I pulled it our of the tar files that I kept around when I moved most of my computer accounts. A few things have been updated (copyright notices, navigation bars, and such).

Trip to Virginia (1994)

In 1994, I ventured to Virginia with my family to visit my Aunt Dana and Uncle Joe. I have several pictures from that trip, most of which are of the house they were building.

A Quick Tour of the Net

This is a simple page I put together to use as an outline for a presentation to my Sociology 320 class at BGSU when I took the class from Dr. Jerry Wicks in 1994.

The Internet and Society

This was my final paper for Sociology 320, as mentioned above. I had the distinction of being the first student to every turn in a final paper on the web. I got an A+ on it. :-)

Pizza Voting

This is just cool!

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